Moral Metal - Why responsibly sourced gold adds up

    1. Date 02 Sep 2019

Moral Metal - Why responsibly sourced gold adds up

02 Sep 2019, 12:30 - 13:15

The Knowledge Hub
English (United Kingdom)

Consumers across all sectors are becoming more and more engaged with the provenance of the products they buy and the social and environmental impact of those products. Encompassing some of the most emotive purchases of consumers lives, product provenance within the jewellery trade is at least as relevant as in any other sphere. However, progress on this front within precious metal sourcing specifically has been surprisingly tentative, with many jewellers perceiving that there is not enough demand for ethically sourced metals, that they are too expensive or that they will negatively impact on the appeal of existing stocks. This seminar explores how responsibly sourced metals make commercial sense and the benefits (for everyone) of engaging with this subject. It also examines how the range of ethically sourced metals available in the jewellery market provides something for everyone and introduces the Betts Group’s Single Mine Origin gold project, aimed at further removing barriers to engagement with responsibly sourced precious metals.


  • Charlie Betts


    Managing Director

    Stephen Betts Group

    Charlie is the ninth consecutive generation of the family to act as Managing Director of The Betts Group, the UK’s longest standing refiner and...