Getting Your Business Started: Jewellery and Precious Metalwork

    1. Date 02 Sep 2019

Getting Your Business Started: Jewellery and Precious Metalwork

02 Sep 2019, 10:00 - 10:45

Inspiration Theatre
English (United Kingdom)

Getting Your Business Started: Jewellery and Precious Metalwork. Come and learn how the Goldsmiths’ Centre can support you to develop your jewellery and precious metal business, from technical and inspirational opportunities to business courses and workshops. Join three Centre alumni – Leonid Dementiev, Daisy Grice and Jessica Jue – who have taken part in Centre programmes including Getting Started and Setting Out, in conversation with Public Programme Manager Charlotte Dew. They will discuss their developmental journeys and share what they have learnt along the way. There will be the opportunity to ask questions and join in the conversation.


  • Leonid Dementiev


    Jewellery Designer

    Leonid Dementiev Fine Jewellery

    Jewellery designer maker Leonid Dementiev is inspired by his family heritage. His great-grandfather, a self-taught artisan, was a talented blacksmith...

  • Daisy Grice



    Daisy Grice Jewellery

    Daisy Grice is a multi-award winning young British jewellery designer. Taking inspiration from dark tales and gothic architecture with a hint of...

  • Jessica Jue



    Jessica Jue Jewellery & Silverware

    Talented silversmith and maker Jessica Jue has a long history with the Goldsmiths' Centre. Having completed the Centre’s business taster course...