Separating Diamond Simulants

    1. Date 02 Sep 2019

Separating Diamond Simulants

02 Sep 2019, 13:00 - 14:00

Inspiration Theatre
English (United Kingdom)

Diamond simulants may look like diamonds, but they have different chemical, physical, and optical properties. Materials used as diamond simulants over the years include synthetic or laboratory-grown moissanite, strontium titanate, colorless quartz, topaz, sapphire, and zircon. This seminar details the identifying characteristics of many common diamond simulants, focusing on how to differentiate simulants from diamonds (whether natural or laboratory-grown) and from each other.


  • Francesca Lawley




    Francesca joined GIA as an instructor at the start of 2013. She started towards her career in gemology by first working as an exploration geologist...