Improving the Customer Experience Through Diamond Education

    1. Date 01 Sep 2019

Improving the Customer Experience Through Diamond Education

01 Sep 2019, 11:45 - 12:30

Inspiration Theatre
English (United Kingdom)

Understanding the entire diamond pipeline, and being able to effectively communicate the amazing journey of a natural diamond, is key for any retailers who wish to improve their customer experience. 

The desire from consumers to know more about the story behind their diamond, beyond the 4C\'s, has never been greater. Not only for the customer to have the confidence they are buying the right diamond for them, but also that they are buying from a knowledgeable source that can give them up-to-date and relevant information, beyond what is on a grading report.


  • Ben Prior


    Sales Executive

    De Beers Group Industry Services

    Ben Prior is a sales executive for De Beers Group Industry Services, a diamond wholesaler and bespoke jeweller. He has a retail background and a...