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  • Calm Pop

    There is a sense of creative freedom reflected in the jewellery of the ‘Calm Pop’ trend. The trend draws on the fundamental means to face contemporary challenges and the spirit of the 60's and 70's, bringing to mind the current female struggles with a candid filter. Style rules are reversed and an anything-goes mantra is followed – where unique offerings routed in peak feminism decades flourish. In an era of information overdose consumers are hyper-creative – as their inner creativity unleashes, they feel an increased sense of calm.

    Key Themes: Retro, Vintage Pastels, Childish Blocks, Feminine, Pinks, Soft, Iridescent

  • Shaped Expressions

    Global changes and uncertainty are the influencers of this trend and it looks at how this has affected consumer’s behaviour – what they choose to expose themselves to; whether that be how and where they socialise, what they put into their bodies and how they dress. Abstract geometries influenced by multi-cultural elements, varied shapes combined with latest technologies become a way of expression allowing them to feel a sense of control over their lives. The jewellery becomes a way to stand out, stand up and be heard. Consumers push themselves out of their comfort zone: discomfort inspires action.

    Key Themes: Deconstructed, Sleek, Art wire, Geometric, Plain, Smooth

  • Remember Nature

    The power of nature, a dark and magical one, will affect consumer behaviour. The modern mix of consumer beautifully encompasses an East-meets-West aesthetic. With a decadent allure that moves through art, nature and occult, this consumer boasts a deco edge inspired by the nineteenth century. Innovation will draw upon the wisdom of nature and the knowledge of ancient practices and fascinating cultures.

    Key Themes: Naturalism, Animals, Decadent, Ethereal, Insects, Wings, Bees

  • Digital Psychedelia

    This trend has a futuristic look that taps into a minimalistic way of expression. Hyper casual and functional styles are favoured with wearables being the norm and tech infused materials helping to ensure the consumer feels sharp and updated. The jewellery becomes a symbol of rebellion against society’s stereotypes as the push for a world where everyone’s minds are open, where there are no societal pressures and everyone can be who they want to be, grows. The digital nature and aesthetics ensure this trend is truly global.

    Key Themes: Ultra digital, Retraction, Ultraviolet, Synthetic, Urban, Colourful Gems, Opals, Pearls, Faceted

  • Elemental

    Pure, authentic and unique – people will be who they want to be, whether that falls within hyper-femininity or hyper-masculinity on the apparel and accessories spectrum. Fashion is no longer about gender blurring but a completely new form of dressing. The mobile-first consumer are living their lives through digital means, which results in information being so easily-attained. Minimal, clean yet solid silhouettes, sporty styles and more urban jewellery finish their look perfectly.

    Key Themes: Minimal, Tech, Urban, Sporty, Graphic, Leather, Coloured Metals

  • Nocturnal Wave

    The theme dives deep into the self-exploratory phase connecting with universe, cosmos and nocturnal elements, jewellery becomes an extension of the wearer’s personal development process. A new approach that blurs the lines between cultures and countries results in an aesthetic that feels personal with a heightened expression of individuality. Gemstones like opals, lapis, lazuli and larvikite translate their visions and thoughts into statement making jewels. Covetable items are worth the wait: value is not only communicated in price but also time. A meditative attitude is embraced, showing a new, more reflexive and conscious consumer.

    Key Themes: Nightlight, Magic, Cosmos, Darkness, Larvikite, Opals, Lapislazuli, Marble

  • Paola De Luca, IJL Trends Editor

    Meet IJL trends editor and leading international trend forecaster, Paola De Luca.

    As the founder of The Futurist Ltd, Paola specialises in providing luxury brands with creative intelligence that offers an authentic sense of direction and inspiration. Her incredible career includes prominent positions at Fendi Jewellery and Watches, consultancy work at Harry Winston and Swarovski, and the moniker of co-founder of TRENDVISION Jewellery + Forecasting - a preeminent name in the field. Here, Paola delves into the six key trends that will shape SS20 for jewellery retailers, brands and designers, exclusively for IJL. .

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