The IJL 2013 Runway - AW2014 Macro Trends

Here at IJL Towers we are getting ready for the 2013 Runway, which is revamped and restyled this year in association with our trend partners Adorn Insight and Vogue Gioiello. The IJL Runway clothing and jewellery has been inspired by the AW2014 macro trends. The four trends are Terrain, Tribe, Self Portrait and Future Plus. We have picked out a few key pieces from exhibitors at IJL 2013 which represent these trends.


This trend takes us back to nature with an earthy vibe. An autumnal palette of greys, mossy greens, garnet and brown prevails. Texture is key with pieces that the audience want to reach out and touch, so apply this to both garments and accessories. When it comes to jewellery, think bold statement pieces, rough rocks, oxidised metals, stone slices and collaged colours. Wood with metallic accents is great too. Carved, nugget-like metal should emulate rock crevices and the intrinsic beauty of semi-precious stones, especially with internal interest, should be celebrated.


Think ‘global village’ when working this trend. Mix up cultural references and motifs to create a look full of visual impact, colour and pattern. Imagine your muse has travelled the world and put together layered looks based on her finds. Avoid boho stylings however as you’re conjuring a chicer vibe. Add luxe dashes with precious metals and brightly hued gemstones. Stacking and layering are key style silhouettes inspired by a travel passport that includes exotic destinations like Asia, Africa and South America, and which moves from desert to tropical paradise.


Self Portrait
A slightly nostalgic flavor underpins this look with the idea of personalisation at its core. Individuality is key. Think curated ensembles that move away from mass marketing to embrace contemporary influences as well as decades past. Collectibles, trinkets and memorabilia tell the wearer’s story. Words and initials are important motifs with tattoo art inspiring new directions such as engraving.


Future Plus
This is your opportunity to showcase a more minimal vibe. Androgyny, tailoring and a muted colour palette rule this world where flashes of pale metal infused with colour metallics give futuristic direction. Jewellery is geometric and high polish with shapes (triangles, rectangles and squares) and 3D structures coming to the fore. Orbs in isolation or clustered together make a visual statement. Sheet metal is the hero in a fuss free world where size and proportion move us into a new frontier.


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