It's all about....him

With less than 2 weeks to go until Valentine’s Day, we thought we would take the pressure off the men, and focus on them for a change.

Traditionally lovers show their affection through heart shaped gifts, chocolates, soft toys and flowers. Unfortunately these aren’t exactly very manly … so (yes you guessed it!) we thought we’d pick out some appropriate Man Jewellery.

But it’s not only women that love jewellery, these days we are seeing more and more men wearing it, especially with the increased amount of choice on offer. If you’re looking for a present for that special man in your life, then don’t fear we’ve picked out a few pieces below:


Jessica de Lotz

We had to include a pair of cufflinks, so why not a personalised pair from our favourite designer Jess De Lotz. She doesn’t just do initials; you can also work with her super talented designer brother to create your own family crest.


Michael Kors

He’ll never be late again, if you buy him a watch!


Links of London

You could be utterly romantic and buy him a friendship bracelet…..



….Or something practical like these collar stiffeners.

But don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about all you ladies out there. Check out our Pinterest board ‘Love is in the air…’ and get some inspiration so you can drop a few hints!

Author Jewellery Show - International Jewellery London

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