How a top sales performer succeeds with today’s customer

By Debbie Barrow, Managing Director of Virada Training, award winning provider of training for the luxury sector

Tiger Woods never said that he knew everything about golf after reaching the number one position in the world rankings, and Andy Murray didn’t stop having coaching despite winning the Wimbledon title. Any top performing sports personality needs constant coaching to keep them at the top of their game, and so does a top sales performer.

The changing customer landscape throws up some challenges.  Customers today have more access to information, greater choice, higher expectations and more confidence to challenge the price. They often have more pressure, less time and want to be in control of the process. Add to that the growing amount of multi-cultural buyers who require a different approach.

So there are a number of challenges, even for seasoned sales experts.

How can you still be a top sales performer when dealing with this new type of customer? Our research shows that selling today is not about a quick, magic formula, a ‘technique’ or a clever closing phrase. Today’s customers are far too savvy to accept that and can see right through it. Besides, for the sales person, that way of thinking about selling seems superficial. Today’s jewellers want to raise their profile in the most authentic way.

Virada Training’s many years of research within all types of selling-to-consumer  environments, especially within the luxury sector, shows that selling to today’s customer is about helping to facilitate the decision process in a way that feels good to both parties.
To do that, it’s important to learn not about clever closing ‘techniques’, but the buying decision process, the stages, understanding where the customer is at and guiding the process.

There are 100’s of small things that make the difference during the sales conversation and they all add up. Top sports people focus continually on shifting the angle just a tad, changing the position of the foot, the hand, changing a mindset a little. This constant focus on the small things is also what makes the biggest difference to keep any top performer at the top.

Like Tiger Woods and Andy Murray, top performers are nurtured through coaching and training to stay at the top of their game, so do come along to our seminars at the IJL.

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