Editor's Choice Winners

The Editor’s Choice winners have been announced! With a record number of entries (over 100), Claire Adler Jewellery and Luxury writer and consultant  had the tough decision of deciding who deserved the spotlight at IJL 2013.

There were four categories: Technical Excellence, Visual Impact, Originality and Commercial Vision. View the winners below.


Technical Excellence


Winner: Filipa Oliveira - Black Preciousness Brooch

Oliveira’s work explores the ancient and traditional technique of filigree and its history, which is associated with different people, cultures and times. She contemporizes filigree, creating a delicate and detailed work, which transmits technical heritage and encompasses the soul of the past and present. This oxidised brooch is made of silver, 18ct yellow gold vermeil with citrine and filigree.


Visual Impact

Winner: Annabelle Lucilla - Double Oriental Peacock Necklace

The Peacock Necklace features intricately etched metallic graphics. Modernized Filigree-esque fretwork balances delicately domed etched peacocks, which have elegant symmetry, balance of form and shape, with the use of curvilinear lines complementing the parallel, geometric profiles.



Winner: Rachel Entwistle - Shoulder Piece

The piece comes from the Memento Mori range, literally reminders of our mortality, beginning with bones as the central element. The designs feature bronze and silver castings of bones, use of unique vintage chain and fine chain as well as rough cut pyrite stones.


Commercial Vision

Winner: Claudia Bradby - Essentials Range

Inspired by a mood for sophisticated understatement this contemporary range highlights the simple beauty of the pearl, showcased on a sparkling silver chain, simple round hoop earrings and a neat silver bangle. The contrast of textures, and materials - the lustre of the pearl offset by the smoothness of the silver and simple elegance of the hoops, as well as the scope for movement within, work to make a range that is perfect for everyday, that is quietly confident without needing to shout.


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