Catwalk Highlights

Here at IJL Towers, we have finally recovered after another successful show at IJL 2013! We can’t believe we are soon to be in October and it’s nearly a month since the IJL doors closed! There were so many highlights at this year’s show, with one of them being the newly revamped and restyled Runway which was based on the Adorn Insight trends – Terrain, Tribe, Self-Portrait and Future Plus.

If you didn’t get the chance to visit the show and see our catwalk, check out some of our favourite snaps below. We’ve also given you some handy style tips to help you find the right jewellery for each trend.

Self- Portrait

  • Individuality is key
  • Collectibles, trinkets and memorabilia
  • Embrace contemporary influences as well as decades past

Left: Ti Sento - Necklace, Kate Chell Jewellery - Necklace and Bracelet, Ti Sento - Rings
Centre: My Scandal Ring - Hamsa Necklace , Holstad & Co – Necklace and  Rings, Charlotte Lowe - Earrings
Right: 3 x layered CW Sellors Cameo Italiano Necklaces, London Road - Earrings


Future Plus

  • Minimal vibe
  • Geometric and high polish with shapes and 3D structures coming to the fore
  • Pale metal infused with colour metallics

Left: Bjorg Necklace, Mark Milton Cuff ,Strom Trygo Bracelet
Centre: Mark Milton Necklace, Bjorg Arm Cuff
Right: Links of London - Necklace, Cuff and Earrings



  • Luxe dashes with precious metals and brightly hued gemstones
  • Stacking and layering
  • Visual impact, colour and pattern

Left: Amrapali Necklace, Amarpali Bracelet, Earrings and Rings
Centre: Ayala Bar Necklace, Earrings and stacked Bracelets,
Right: JewelEver Earrings and London road Necklaces and Bracelets


  • Back to nature with an earthy vibe
  • Palette of greys, mossy greens, garnet and brown
  • Texture is key 

Left: Claire Troughton Necklace,
Centre: Storm W
atch, Ayala Bar Necklace, Earrings and stacked Bracelets,
Right: Sara Gunn Cuffs, Scarlett Erskine Earrings


Enjoy wearing jewellery to match the trends!  x

Author Jewellery Show - International Jewellery London

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