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We caught up with Anna Byers, Phoebe Jewellery, Sara GunnRosie Sanders and Christiana Christoforou who have formed the new jewellery collective 'Future Facets' to find out how they are getting on.

1. Tell us why you decided to join together after KickStart and create this new jewellery collective ‘Future Facets’?

During KickStart, we exhibited together at the Goldsmiths Pavilion, at events in Leeds, Edinburgh and finally at IJL, so we all became close and got to know each other well. Future Facets is our way of carrying on where KickStart left off. Collaborating as a collective is an exciting way to exhibit, we're able to occupy larger stand spaces, and reach more people than we could on our own. We don't know what the future holds for Future Facets yet, we are taking it one project at a time, but at the moment it is a way for us all to be able to exhibit together and support each other. We are also leaving the collective open for our other ex-KickStart members as well, should they want to join us for future shows.


Pictured: Pompadour Bangle by Rosie Sanders. Credited to www.gemalley.com and www.martnerandmowat.com


2. Are you still going to focus individually on your own brands, styles, pieces or will you start to combine them together and create unique jewellery for Future Facets only?

We're currently using the collective as a showcase, but are also trying to maintain our own identities within it, so at the moment there are no plans to collaborate on jewellery pieces. But who knows what may happen in the future!

Pictured: Button ring with black diamonds by Christiana Christoforou


3. What would you say to other emerging designers contemplating entering the KickStart 2014 competition?

We say do it! There are so many ways it can help you get started, including bringing you into contact with press, buyers and a group of other jewellers at a similar stage in their business. It's really good exposure.

Pictured: Circular Peridot Necklace by Anna Byers


4. Can you each describe in one word what you think of KickStart or how you feel it has helped you in your jewellery career?

Rosie: Baptising! 
Sara: Connections
Anna and Christiana: Supportive
Phoebe: Encouraging

Pictured: Souvenir ring by Sara Gunn


5. What are your major jewellery influences?

Phoebe: I am influenced by British nature, and I convey this in a stylized and figurative way, influenced by my love of illustration.

Anna: I am inspired by Middle Eastern Architecture and Geometric patterns, and the mechanical jewellery pieces of Friedrich Becker. 

Christiana: My major influence is the public. Asking the public to imprint things they like into clay is the starting point for my designs, and I build my collections around that.

Sara: I am interested in the things that make us unique. Physical attributes (microscopic details within the body) and personal experience (images of familiar places) inspired my current collections.

Rosie: Each collection is an exploration of the decorative arts and the ways in which cultural symbols and their inherent values are broken up, subverted and reformulated as they travel through time. I'm influenced by strong female protagonists who bucked the norms of their time such as Madame de Pompadour who inspired the Renaissance Rebel collection. My aim is to create high end luxury fashion jewellery for today's urban dames of distinction.

Pictured: Squirrel, acorn and leaf pendant by Phoebe Jewellery


6. Can you each name your favourite piece that you have designed and made so far?

Sara: My Souvenir ring because it is textured with images of East London. I've lived there for the past seven years and it holds a special place in my heart!

Rosie: My big chunky Pompadour Bangle! It's a beautifully sculpted object in its own right and a great talking point when people realise that its actually hollow. This uniquely hand crafted statement piece really defines my brand of neoclassical couture, neoclassically inspired luxury jewellery with a contemporary feminine edge.

Christiana: I have a few favourite pieces, however the piece that stands out the most to me is the button ring with black diamonds.

Anna: Maybe my Interactive Circular Peridot Necklace, because I like the mechanical feel it has with it's moving layers, and the contrasting colours and surface textures within the piece.

Phoebe: It probably has to be the squirrel, acorn and leaf pendant as I love the way the squirrels move around the chain and the oak acorn is very tactile. I'm also a bit in love with my new moonstone moon pendant right now.



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