Londoners Love their Luxuries


We were interested to discover that a survey of Christmas shoppers conducted in central London last week found that store retailers are winning the battle with their online rivals this year at the luxury end of the market!


Of those surveyed, 64 per cent said they preferred shopping in store, and only 15 per cent said they favoured purchasing luxury goods online.


The survey which was conducted by LUXURY by IJL also revealed that 83 per cent of those surveyed bought luxury goods for themselves, and significant 59 per cent regard jewellery as their most desirable luxury purchase.



Celebrity sway


Contrary to the general belief in the power of endorsement, 72% of those surveyed were insistent that the advocacy of a celebrity was irrelevant in influencing their purchasing choices. Personal choice played a more important role; consumers know what they want and what suits them.


Luxury influences


The survey revealed that whilst celebrities had no sway, 16% felt that the reassurance and cachet of a well-known luxury brand was important when it came to buying, with 14% influenced in their choice by fashion and trends. However 31% of those surveyed believed that quality, design and 'wearability' were all key factors in their decision-making.

Author Jewellery Show - International Jewellery London

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