Exhibitor Portal How-to Guide

What is the Exhibitor Portal?

The Exhibitor Portal allows you to create and update your company profile in the show’s Exhibitor Directory (found at jewellerylondon.com/directory) to be viewed by all potential visitors in the run up to the show.

Why should I use it?

By improving the visibility, searchability and richness of your company profile, you will be able to engage visitors and develop their interest in your products leading up to the show. This will help you increase leads and enquiries prior to the event, as well as build more interest and visitor traffic at the actual show.

How do I do that?

  1. Get logged in

  2. Start by building your online presence

    • Add basic company information to your company profile

      As you begin building your company profile, you can add basic details such as your company name, description, logo and contact details. The company profile details you add here are what visitors will see in the online Exhibitor Directory and will also be used in the printed show directory. This is an important part of the process and will unlock access to other parts of the Exhibitor Portal.

      To get started:

      • Click on the Edit your profile button next to your company’s name.
        Company Account Page
      • Work your way down the page, completing the information that is relevant to your company. Make sure you fill in anything with a red asterisk as these are required before you can save your additions.
      • Note: you can return to change or add more information at any stage, but remember that this information is included in the printed directory, so it’s best to add it as soon as you can.
      • For your logo, you’ll need a JPEG or GIF image up to 4mb in size, with a resolution of at least 160x160 pixels.

      Down the page: Add your company’s categories

      These categories are used by website visitors to search for companies. This is a mandatory part of completing your profile, as this information is used online and in the printed show directory. You can associate your company with up to 5 categories.

      • For categories with large amounts of options, there may be an option to Expand all next to the heading which allows you to see a list of all available categories or regions.
        Expand all
      • Place ticks next to each relevant category or region for your company
        Place ticks next to categories
      • Once you’ve finished adding in all the details you have, click Save near the bottom of the page.
        Save button
    • Add videos

      Videos are another element you can add to your Company Profile to make it stand out, engaging them for longer than text.

      • Hover over Company Profile and click Company Videos.
      • If you have a video that you would like to upload, click Add Video. If the video you would like to use has already been uploaded, select Add YouTube Video.

      Add Video

      • Add the details for your video and select the Video File you would like to upload.
      • Note: your video can be up to 100mb in size.
      • You can add a Video Thumbnail that will appear before the video has been played.
      • Click Save.
      • Note: This last step may take some time, depending on the size of your video.

      Add YouTube Video

      • Add the details for your video and paste in the YouTube URL.
      • You can add a Video Thumbnail that will appear before the video has been played.
      • Click Save.
    • Add social media accounts

      By connecting with website visitors on Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms, you can continue the conversation with your potential customers after the show.

      • Hover over Company Profile and click Social Media.
        Social Media in navigation
      • Select the network from the list of options and paste in the link to your profile from that site.
      • Click Save.
      • Repeat for each of the different Social Networks you would like to add.
    • Add products

      Products added here are displayed on your company profile and in the products directory, providing exposure for your products in the build up to the show.

      • In the top navigation, click Products.
        Products in navigation
      • Click Add Product.
      • Add details for your product
      • Note: depending on the entitlements of your Exhibition Package, you may be able to upload pictures, videos and documents to a product.
      • Click Save.
    • Add documents

      Within the documents section you can upload case studies, presentations, press releases, job vacancies and onsite events for display within your Company Profile, depending on your package.

      • In the top navigation, select Documents.
        Documents in navigation
      • From here you can select from a variety of content types that you can add to your profile.
      • Click Add New next to the content type you would like to add.
      • Complete the details as appropriate and click Save.
  3. Manage your online opportunities

    • Add additional people to manage your company profile

      If you would like to let others manage leads and reply to inbox messages, you can give additional people from your company access to your Exhibitor Portal.

      • In the top navigation, click People Manager.
        People manager in navigation
      • Click on Add People.
      • Add the details for the additional person.
      • If this person would like to receive an email for each new message or lead received, make sure that the Notify for Messages checkbox is checked.
      • Click Save.
      • Repeat for each additional person you would like to manage your account.
      • Note: If at any point you need to resend login details to a person, click the pencil icon under Edit column, and then click Resend welcome email with link to set password.
      • Caution: these people will be able to change other details in your profile, such as the picture and website description, so make sure you only add people that you trust.
    • Download visitor leads

      In the leads section of the website, you can interact with website users that have sent you a message or expressed an interest in your company. You can email each individual or export a list of their details to contact them in bulk.

      • In the top navigation, click Leads. You will see a list of your company’s leads.
      • To respond to a person via email, click on their name.
      • To download a list of all leads, look for Download report near the top of the page and click on Excel 2007 or CSV to download a list to your computer (these lists are identical, but CSV may be better if you’re importing the list into another system).
        Download leads
    • Respond to visitor enquiries

      The visitor enquiries section is an inbox for all of your company’s incoming website interactions. All company administrators can view enquiries received, such as meeting requests or product enquiries, and reply on behalf of the company. Your inbox will display all messages sent to you from website users. You can view each message and reply directly to each person via email.

      • In the top navigation, click Enquiries.
        Inbox in navigation
      • Click on the sender’s name or subject to view the message.
      • To reply, click Reply To at the bottom right of the message.
  4. Manage your attendance

    • Add stand sharers

      If you’re a Main Stand Holder, you can add exhibiting partners to your stand. These exhibiting partners will have permission to login and create their own company profile. These steps will help you create a sharer company profile and create an administrator to manage it.

      • First, Download Stand Sharer Form.
      • Complete a form for each of your sharers.
      • Email your completed form to: ijlteam@reedexpo.co.uk
      • To Access Your Sharers' Portals:

      • You can access your Stand Sharer's portal in order to manage their details or badging and appointments on their behalf. In the top navigation, click Stand Sharers.
        Inbox in navigation
      • You will see a list of all of your sharers. Click on the name of the sharer you would like to manage and you will be directed to login as their company.

Get more Exhibitor Portal assistance

If you have questions that aren’t answered by this guide, you can contact the Customer Service team: