Update your company profile

Update your company profile

When you log in to the Exhibitor Portal, the homepage offers you a number of navigational options. To get started, click on the 'Edit your profile' button next to your company name.

As you begin building your company profile, you can add basic details such as your company name, description, logo and contact details.

The company profile details you add here are what visitors will see in the online 'Exhibitor Directory' and will also be used in the printed show catalogue. Start by completing your company details, ensuring all mandatory fields – indicated by a red asterisk (*) - are filled in.

Note: You can return to change or add more information at any stage, but remember that this information is included in the printed directory, so it's best to add it as soon as you can.

For your logo, you’ll need a JPEG or GIF image up to 4mb in size, with a resolution of at least 160x160 pixels.

Add your company categories

This is a mandatory part of completing your profile, as this information is used online and in the print show directory. These categories are used by website visitors to search for companies.

For categories with large amounts of options, there may be an option to 'Expand all' next to the heading which allows you to see a list of all available categories or regions.

Place ticks next to each relevant category or region for your company, then click 'Save'.

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