Visitor Registration Plan 2012

IJL Application Process
A visitor registers through the IJL website by choosing Visitor, Media or Student.

(Diamond Club visitors are registered by Alison Mardell.)

A confirmation of their application is sent and an explanation email is sent to them explaining the verification process.

All visitors are cross checked again with the BJA, NAG, GIA, Gem A and CMJ and Houlden databases. If they are found on one or more of these databases they are automatically approved and not contacted.

If the potential visitor does not appear to be a member of one or more of the above associations a google search is completed in hope of finding a job title or industry background. If they are not found then an email is sent to them requesting a form of identification to confirm that they are within the industry.

Acceptable Identification can include:

To confirm your involvement within the jewellery, gift or fashion industry please send us accreditation in the form of one of the following:

Business Card
Copy of Invoice
Copy of Order
Student card & proof of course

A note of the identification sent will be stored against the visitors’ details. Any questions will be directed to the Marketing Manager.

The same process will take place onsite at IJL and this will be communicated prior to the event.

Once received the application will be approved.

Reminder emails will be sent to outstanding visitor applications.

All press are individually approved by the PR team.


Event Sponsor

Event Supporters

Platinum Media Partners

Media Partners

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When tweeting about IJL please use #IJL2013

Advisory Board Diary

Wednesday 13 June - Noon
Goldsmiths' Centre – 2012 launch of KickStarters.

Saturday 1 September

Advisory Board Dinner, venue TBC.

Sunday 2 – Wednesday 5 September
IJL - Schedule of events to follow.

Thursday 4 October - 9.30 – 1pm
Goldsmiths' Centre – IJL 2012 Review.

Friday 7 December

Advisory Board Christmas Lunch, venue TBC.