How to promote a jewellery brand using a blog

Written by Katerina Perez

Earlier this month, at International Jewellery London (IJL) - I held a seminar on marketing jewellery brands using blogs and social media, a subject that couldn’t be more apt at the moment. I felt it was something that should be highlighted on my own website so if you want to know how to promote a jewellery brand using a blog, read on...

Logically speaking, one of the first questions that any designer or brand manager will ask of themselves is: “What advantage is there in having a blogger write about me?”. Let’s look at a few advantages:

  • Even a small mention of a particular brand in the press is an indirect form of advertising that can increase the number of consumers familiar with the brand.
  • If you are a new brand, then working with a blogger is a good way of starting a dialogue with potential clients and marketing yourself in the best possible way. People are more likely to trust a blogger’s opinion than a billboard. Positive comments included in published material are only going to play in your favour.
  • What is the likelihood of the blog readers already knowing who you are? If it’s unlikely, treat your collaboration as a chance to venture into a new market and offer your work to a new set of consumers. It’s highly likely they’d never have heard of you if it weren’t for that blog.
  • Bloggers can post material they’ve published about you on social media sites, increasing their number of subscribers who’ll read about you.
  • My own experience has shown that brands specialising in high jewellery art can believe the perception that their work is inaccessible to the majority thanks to bloggers’ comments about them. More and more people have shown an interest in high jewellery as a result.

Pictured: Katerina Perez, Isabella Lee and Sarah Ho at their IJL seminar

Initially, the above were simply my own theoretical arguments. To corroborate them, I carried out a survey in which 50 Russian, British and US brands agreed to participate. I asked them a simple question: have they had any experience of working with a blogger before and what were they expecting from him/her? It turned out that 90% were being promoted on a variety of blogger’s websites in order to:

  • (according to 87%) increase their number of fans and their website views (via the links copied into the blog articles) and to encourage more people to like/follow them via social media;
  • (according to 12%) be published in a genuine article by the brand rather than a promo piece;
  • (according to 7%) introduce the brand to a new market;
  • (according to 7%) feature on a prestigious website;
  • (according to 5%) make the brand more accessible.

It should be noted that ALL the brands were satisfied with their experience of working with bloggers and were keen to continue doing so. So if you’ve yet to collaborate with bloggers, perhaps it’s time to think about it? The results can far exceed your expectations. To get the most of out of what is published on a blog, Katerina Perez highlights 5 steps to a successful partnership on her website:  

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